Which under eye pad shape is best?

At Lash Society we offer 3 different shapes of under eye lash pads: standard, balanced and cloud. This article will discuss the key differences between the shapes to help you choose the best under eye pad for your client. 

Standard Shape

This was the first shape that was available to lash artists. It is sometimes referred to as “banana shape” or “comfort curve”. It’s main characteristic is the tapered end and also the wider mid and end sections.

The standard shape is suited for round and upturned eyes.

Purchase standard shape eye pads here.

Balanced Shape

The balanced shape is in-between the standard and cloud shapes. Characteristically symmetrical, it is not too curved or straight and therefore suits most eye shapes.

We like the balanced shape for "almond" or "protruding" eyes.

Purchase balanced shape eye pads here.


Cloud Shape

Also known as the flower shape, this eye pad has great flexibility and a breeze to adjust. The notches in its design enable you to manipulate the eyepad to fit your client's eyes. 

Without any adjusting, the cloud shape has a very straight shape and fits hooded and downturned eyes very well.

Purchase cloud shape eye pads here.

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